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50 Gallon Water Box Kit

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Product is adaptable for multiple people
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1 gallon of water / person / day is the common standard for water storage and it is often recommended that you have 2 weeks worth of water in storage. That means you want to store 14 gallons of water for each person in your family! 

This Kit Includes:
10 x Heavy Duty Stackable Water Boxes
10 x Multilayer-Laminate Mylar Bags
1 x Aquamira Water Treatment (treats up to 60 gallons)
1 x Water Filling Hose and Attachments
1 x Instruction Sheet

Number of Days/Person

1 Person

50 Days
2 Person25 Days
3 Person16 Days
4 Person12 Days
5 Person10 Days
6 Person8 Days
7 Person7 Days
8 Person6 Days
9 Person5 Days
10 Person5 Days
    • Stackable
    • Easy to fill and store
    • Efficient use of space
    • When treated with Aquamira (included), water is safe for up to 5 years

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