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Auto Emergency Kit / Urban (19 Piece)
Auto Emergency Kit / Urban (19 Piece)

Auto Emergency Kit / Urban (19 Piece)

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This is our most popular package! It contains 19 essential items for automobile emergency situations. Click to see contents...
Part Number: 100AA01
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This is one of our most popular emergency vehicle kits! It is important to have an emergency auto kit so that you are ready in case you experience car trouble. It contains 19 essential items for automobile emergency situations.Includes:
Red Backpack - Extra room for other personal items
Light Stick
Tow Rope - Tow anything up to 6,000 lbs.
Hanging Light - Connects to your car's battery to help you check under the hood

Jumper Cables - These 12 foot cables are made of heavy duty 10 gauge rubber and copper
31 Piece First Aid Kit - Contains Bandaids, Aspirin, Sting Relief Pad, First Aid Instructions and more
Fire Suppressor & Extinguisher - Strong enough to put out a flare. This could be a real life-saver
Solar Blanket - This 6' x 4' waterproof blanket retains 90% of your body heat. Great for ground cover
Waterproof Poncho - User friendly - fits right over your clothes
Swiss Style Army Knife - 13 functions in all. Screwdrivers, saws, scissors, can openers, tweezers and more.
Flashlight w/ Batteries - This "D" size flashlight has wrist strap and comes with 2 batteries
Flat Tire Fixer - Fix and go with this non-explosive flat tire fixer. Fixes most tires in one minute.
5 year shelf life Drinking Water - This 4.225 oz. pouch of water is perfect for medical use or to add some water to your battery.Also Includes...
Leather Palm Work Gloves
Whistle with Lanyard
Emergency Instructions & Help Sign
10 yards of Duct Tape
Hand Cleaner
Utility Knife
Please note: This item must be shipped via Ground delivery only (no Rush or Express shipping available for this item).16 lbs.For the best selection of survival kits and emergency supplies, shop at iPrepare.com!Best auto emergency kit.

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