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Deluxe 72 Hour Kit in a Backpack - for 1 Person

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iPrepare was featured on NBC's San Francisco KRON News with this emergency backpack kit (4-Person kit shown in picture)

These are among our best emergency kits! This survival kit is perfect for when disaster strikes. Each pack provides enough supplies to survive for at least 72 hours.

All BackPack Kits include:1 Flashlight
2 Code Red Batteries
1 51-Piece First Aid Kit
1 Light Stick
1 5-N-1 Whistle
1 Pair of Leather Palm Gloves
1 Utility Knife
1 50-Foot Nylon Cord
1 Box of Waterproof Matches
1 Campers Stove with 8 Fuel Tablets
1 2-Person Tube Tent
1 AM Radio
1 Box of Water Purification Tablets

Includes all items listed above, PLUS:
1 of Each: Food Bar, Blanket, Dust Mask, 3-Pack of Water, and a Poncho

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