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Deluxe Life Essentials Survival Unit
Deluxe Life Essentials Survival Unit

Deluxe Life Essentials Survival Unit

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A comprehensive kit
Part Number: 100KT-LE
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4 Person-3 Days, 2 Person-6 Days


Honey Bucket Style Toilet – All the necessary items are contained in this unique packaging which also functions as a toilet in an emergency.

Toilet Paper, Liners and Chemicals – One Campers Roll of toilet paper, 12 liners and one pack of chemicals for the Honey Bucket toilet.


3 Heater Meals – These ¾ lb. meals have their own cooking element and cook right inside the box they come with. They also have up to a 5 year shelf life. The 3 meals in this kit provide a hot meal just when you need it the most and no need for refrigeration or microwave.

1 Mayday 3600 Calorie Food Ration – Used worldwide as a food source during emergencies and will supports life for 3 days. One serving size contains 100% of the daily vitamin allowance. This bar is dived into 9 sections, has an Apple Cinnamon Flavor and a 5 year shelf life. Approved by US Department of Homeland Security.


Mayday Six Pack of Emergency Drinking Water – This is ready to use water for immediate drinking or cooking. It comes in a one liter reusable pouch and the water has a 5 year shelf life.

Life Straw Water Filter - Filters up to 1000 liters (264 gallons). Drink directly from a water source. Filters out 999.9999% bacteria – Filters out 99.9% Waterborne Protozoa. Time Magazine “Best Inventions” Award.


Emergency Stove with 24 Cooking Tablets for cooking and boiling water.

  • - 24 Additional Solid Fuel Tables. Boils 18 oz. of water in 8 minutes.

Stainless Steel One Liter Cooking Pot - Doubles as a food storage container. Folding handle locks lid.

Fork, Knife and Spoon Combination – All in one metal eating utensil.

Storm Matches – 25 Wind and Waterproof Matches


2 Function 21 Led Light – Super Bright with magnet base and hanging hook. Includes Batteries.

Wet Nap Toweletts – 24 pre moisten hand wipes

Mylar Blanket – Great for Ground cover or shelter

Copy For Life Essentials Survival Kit

Weight 17 lbs

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