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Disposable Folded NIOSH N95 Mask - Pack of 20
Disposable Folded NIOSH N95 Mask - Pack of 20

Disposable Folded NIOSH N95 Mask - Pack of 20

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Have no fear of most air particles when you are armed with an N95 Mask
Part Number: 111905-20
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Have no fear of most air particles when you are armed with an N95 Mask. This mask has many features you don’t want to miss out on like the duckbill style and its compact nature. Don’t be living at risk.
  • N95 MASK: N95 masks filter out 95% of the particles in the air. 
  • DUCKBILL SYTLE: This mask is duckbill style. It has two straps that will be pulled over your head and secured above and below your ears. 
  • COMPACT: Because of the duckbill style, these masks are compact and lay flat. This allows for easy storage and convenient access when it is needed. Fits great in a glove box, purse, backpack, or an emergency kit.

Warnings: read and understand before use.

  1. A properly selected respirator is essential to protect your health. Before using this product consult a safety professional to determine its suitability for your intended application.

  2. As with any respiratory device, the wearer MUST be adequately trained prior to use.

  3. This product does not protect the wearer against gases, vapors or mist whose liquids produce harmful vapors or gases.

  4. Do not use in sandblasting operations

  5. This product does not supply oxygen. Use this respirator only in well-ventilated areas containing sufficient oxygen (at least 19.5%) to support life.

  6. Do not use when contaminant and the concentration are unknown or immediately dangerous to life and health.

  7. Leave work immediately if; a) breathing becomes difficult, b) dizziness or other distress, c) the respirator becomes damaged, d) an emergency occurs.

  8. If user has any illness or discomfort consult a licensed medical doctor to determine suitability of use.

  9. Facial hair and certain facial characteristics will prohibit effective use of this product.

  10. Replace respirator when breathing resistance becomes excessive due to dust loading or after a maximum of 8-hour usage, “only for single use”.

  11. Failure to observe all warnings and instructions on the use of this respirator may result in serious illness or permanent injury.

  12. The equipment should not act as an ignition source but it should not be used in explosive atmospheres as the concentration of contaminants within normal flammability range would exceed the limits in the selection guide.

  13. Store respirator in a seal container away from contaminated areas when not in use.

NIOSH N95 Warnings

  1. Wearer must read filtering instructions and use limitations and inspect the welded around the straps before use. If there are any cracks around or in welded area, then the mask is considered damaged and should be discarded.

  2. This respirator does not protect against the risk of contracting disease or infection.

  3. Before Use, must be fit tested either quantitatively or qualitatively by a qualified fit tester before using the respirator in a contaminated environment as per the OSHA guidelines, 1910.134

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