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Emergency Reflective Tent-clamshell
Emergency Reflective Tent-clamshell

Emergency Reflective Tent-clamshell

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Part Number:111107c
  • Easy-to-use:Yes
  • Size:44" x 91" x 31"
  • Weight:7.4 oz

Like a tube tent, the Emergency Reflective Tent is a lightweight and compact emergency shelter. It is wind and waterproof and easy to set up. It is 8 feet long and roomy enough for two people. This tent is made of a reflective material reflecting body heat and is intended to be used in colder weather. Perfect for two survivors.

How to use:
  1. Find 2 trees (or polls, etc.) to which the strings can be tied to
  2. Run the string (included) through the tent
  3. Tie the strings to two trees/polls/etc. to hold up the tent
  4. Adjust the tent to desired height
  5. Place rocks and other objects on the bottom to hold down the tent
  6. Survive!
  • Dimensions: 44" x 91" x 31"
  • Weight: 7.4 oz
  • Color: Silver
  • Material: Aluminized PVC

    • Large enough for 2 people
    • Reflects up to 90% of your reflective body heat
    • Great for preparing against cold weather emergencies
    • Easy set up
    • Compact and super light weight

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