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Heavy Duty Tow Rope
Heavy Duty Tow Rope

Heavy Duty Tow Rope

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When buying a tow rope, there are many factors that matter. You want to make sure that the rope is strong, safe, lightweight, and a bright color to help it stand out. You will find all these features, and more, with this woven polyester webbing tow rope. It is heavy duty and has a max weight capacity of 5 tons/11,000 lbs. It is lightweight, bright yellow, has safety hooks for your convenience. Don’t be caught in an emergency situation without your iPrepare Heavy Duty Tow Rope.
Part Number: 111606
Availability: In Stock.
  • CONVENIENCE: this tow rope has two safety hooks. This allow for fast and easy hook up and release.

  • STRENGTH: you need a quality rope you can rely on. You don’t want your tow rope snapping. This rope has a max weight capacity of 5 tons or 10,000 lbs.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT: carrying a heavy rope isn’t always an option, nor is it convenient. This tow rope is durable, yet lightweight. It only weighs 3lbs, yet it is strong enough to tow your car.

  • SIZE MATTERS: when towing a car, the size of the rope matters. This rope is 2” x 20’, which allows for you to have a peace of mind.

  • POLYESTER: polyester is a great material as it keeps the strength even when it is wet. Polyester is also mildew-resistantrot-resistantUV-resistant, and resistant to abrasions.

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