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Heavy Gauge Jumper Cables
Heavy Gauge Jumper Cables

Heavy Gauge Jumper Cables

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One common cause of vehicles stalling is a drained battery. With the help of a working vehicle, you can recharge your battery and continue on with your day. Don’t wait until you are stuck on the side of the road with no way to help yourself, wishing that you had made this essential purchase.
Part Number: 111611
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  • DURABLE: Quality matters when you are in an emergency situation. You donâ€â„¢t want cables that are broken, mangled, or cut. This can lead to a very dangerous situation when using electricity.

  • 6 GAUGE CABLE: The smaller the gauge the thicker the inner wire is. A 6 gauge is a great option for large-sized cars, mid-sized trucks, and/or an SUV. This booster cable provides 400-500amps to help provide the power you need.

  • 16 FEET: have you ever needed to jump a car, but the cables were too short? To help with this issue, these cables are 16 feet long. Yet they are still lightweight, as they only weigh 4.5lbs!

  • COLOR CODED: To help you have an easier time, the cables are color coded red (positive) and black (negative).

  • INSTRUCTIONS: Donâ€â„¢t worry if you have never jumped a car before. These iPrepare Booster Cables have the instructions right on the back of the box, to make jumping your car easier. This will allow you to safely get your car started.

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