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Humless 1500 Portable Power Fuelless Generator - 0.64kWh - Bundle with 2 Solar Panels

Humless 1500 Portable Power Fuelless Generator - 0.64kWh - Bundle with 2 Solar Panels

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Part Number:1201500064-Bundle
  • Size:0.64kWh
  • Power Option:2 Foldable Solar Panels
  • Weight:34 lbs
  • Estimated Shelf Life:Long! 7+ years
  • Inverter:1.5kWh PSW
A very simple yet powerful power generator that stores your power for future use. Let's lay this out very simply:
    1. Generate power to this battery via many different methods: 1) Solar; 2) Plug into the wall-AC power; 3) hand-crank it; 4) connect it to your car while driving; 5) any other dynamo method you can think of!  
    2. Then, the power is stored in this battery for future use.  When you are ready to use it, simply turn on the battery with the key, and plug in your appliances or devices!
    3. Power is stored in a Lithium Ion battery - this has a big advantage over Lead Acid batteries because: 1) it holds charge longer; 2) it handles many more cycles; 3) unit is significantly lighter and thus more portable.
    Light, Versatile, Powerful for Home, Work and Play. All-in-one, portable power storage for your home, business or recreational needs. UPS capabilities to be truly off-grid with zero installation configuration. Plug and play with long-life (7yr+) expandable battery packs. Integrated solar, wind charge and discharge. Pure sine wave output.
    • Powers your lights, fridge, freezer, communications, appliances and laptop.
    • Safe and Silent! No fumes, no acid, no noise.
    • Lightweight and portable - smaller and lighter than any equivalent
    2 – Foldable Solar Panels
    1 – 1.3kWh Solar Generator
    1 – High-Quality 21′ MC4 to AP Cable

    Portable Off-grid power supply

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