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Oxygen Absorber-100 Pack
Oxygen Absorber 100 Pack

Oxygen Absorber-100 Pack

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A necessary part of your food storage.
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Oxygen absorbers are necessary part of food storage if you are packing and sealing your own dry foods. This pack contains one hundred pieces of 300cc oxygen absorbers to be used with our DIY food storage bags.

Note About Oxygen Absorbers
The oxygen absorbers included consist of iron salts. The iron oxidizing removes the oxygen from the air. An oxygen absorber that is rated 300cc will work for a storage container of up to 1 gallon when filled with food. Do not allow the oxygen absorbers to be in contact with air for too long since the iron will oxidize before they are sealed in the food storage bag. The oxygen absorbers have been packaged in an air tight bag to stay fresh. Once open, any left over should be sealed up in an air-tight bag.

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