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Rescue One - First Aid Kit
Rescue One - First Aid Kit

Rescue One - First Aid Kit

Your Price: $110.00
A premium first aid kit - full of the all the critical items needed most.
Part Number: 100FA-TK7
Availability: In Stock.
This premium first aid kit includes:1-EMS Box
1-First Aid Booklet
2-Instant Ice Packs
1-2” ACE Bandage
1-3” ACE Bandage
1-Bandage Scissors
4-Pair Latex Gloves
5-2”x2” Gauze Pads
5-3”x3” Gauze Pads
6-4”x4” Gauze Pads
12- Triple Antibiotics
4-Eye Pads
12-Antiseptic Wipes
1-Tissue Pack
1-Eye Wash
4-Small Rolls Tape
2-Blood Stoppers
1-Wire Splint
1-Box Butterfly
4-Tongue Depressors
1-CPR Mouthpiece
4-Burn Free Dressings
1-Box Patch Bandages
2-Triangular Bandages
1-Box 1”x3” Bandages
2-4”x4” Burn Free
2-Instant Ice Packs
2-2”x6 yd Gauze Rolls
1-Dr’s Penlight
4-5”x9” Combine
Dressing Bandages

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