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Stealth Tactical Backpack WITH Hydration Bladder
Stealth Tactical Backpack WITH Hydration Bladder

Stealth Tactical Backpack WITH Hydration Bladder

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This backpack is perfect for making your very own bug out bag. It is discrete to keep your supplies inconspicuous and safe. The pack is MOLLE system capable on the bottom, allowing for more customization. Comes with a 2 liter hydration bladder. It's weather resistant as well has having hidden pockets to keep valuables safe. The straps can be stowed to use the pack as a duffel bag.
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Finally, a backpack made for bugging-out.
Sometimes, being prepared can be the very thing that gets you in trouble. Desperate times could cause people to take desperate measures. In those difficult moments the last thing you want to do is to advertise to everyone around you that you are prepared. 

Unlike traditional backpacks that are often used for emergency kits and bug-out bags, which feature bright colors or military-like tactical designs, the Stealth Tactical Bag was designed to keep you and your supply safe by allowing you to blend in and not draw attention. 

The bag comes with plenty of room with its 53L volume with many pockets large and small to help you keep your supply organized. A hydration bladder comes with the bag to ensure quick and easy access to drinking water to help you stay hydrated on the go. The bag also comes with a built-in waterproof covering to help you keep your supply dry in some of the toughest conditions. The straps are removable to allow for a duffle-mode while chest and waist straps help carry the weight comfortably when worn as a backpack. The buckle on the chest strap also features a flint striker and a whistle so you will never be caught without a fire starter and a signal whistle. These and many other features make this backpack the ideal backpack for building your bug-out bag/survival kit/emergency kit.

  • Discrete, non-tactical appearance that allows you to blend in and not draw attention to your supply
  • Conceal carry pockets for carrying weapons and other important items without being noticed
  • Hydration Bladder (2L included) provides quick and easy access to your water while on the go
  • Built-in waterproof covering to keep your supply out of the elements
  • Flint striker and whistle built into the chest strap for fire starting and for signaling
  • All-Around Support Strap and heavy duty components provide assurance for keeping your supply safe
  • MOLLE System hidden on the bottom of the bag for attaching additional packs
  • Duffle Mode: detach the shoulder straps and store them in the bag and carry the bag like a duffle bag
  • Clip-on straps allows you to wear the bag like a backpack or carry it like a carry-on bag by removing and stowing away the straps

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