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The Responder
The Responder

The Responder

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Part Number:100FA-TK9
First Aid Trauma “Responder” Kit (25 Person)Kit Includes:4-Instant Ice Packs
1-3” ACE Bandage
1-Bandage Scissors
1-Eye Wash
2-1”x10 yards Tape
1-CPR Mouthpiece
1-Solar Blanket
1-Triangle Bandage
2-Water Gels
5-Eye Pads
12-4”x4” Gauze Pads
2-Safety Vests
1-“D” Flashlight w/Batteries
24-Antiseceptic Wipes
100-1”x3” Bandages
100-Butterfly Bandages
1-Burn Free Dressing
12-2”x6” Gauze Bandages
1-300’ Roll ‘Caution’ Tape
1-Hydrogen Peroxide
1-Sterile Pouch Water
5-5”x9” Combine Dressing Bandages
1-15 piece Bloodborne Pathogen Kit9 lbs.

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