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ThermaSave Blanket-clamshell
ThermaSave Blanket-clamshell

ThermaSave Blanket-clamshell

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The key to cold weather survival is taking control of heat loss and heat gain.  Too much heat loss and not enough heat gain can lead to hypothermia.  ThermaSave blanket was designed to reduce your heat loss by reflecting up to 80% of your reflective body heat while shutting out the elements like wind and water.  The red exterior also helps absorb heat from external sources like the sun or a campfire, and it increase the chance of being found by rescue personnel.  Its multilayer design gives ThermaSave Blanket the ability to stretch, thus making it much more tear-resistant than a standard reflective blanket.


  • 51 in x 82 in  (129 cm x 208 cm) 
  • 3.7 oz  (105 g)
  • Reflects up to 80% of body heat
  • Tear Resistent Material
  • Increased heat absorption
  • Increased visibility
  • Reduced noise
  • Reversible 

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