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Emergency Fire & Rescue Tools

During a disaster, having the proper emergency rescue tools can assist you in your actions for survival. Correct and wise use of an emergency rescue tool can ensure that you are ready to deal with the situation on your own. Most of the emergency rescue tools are simple instruments, such as protective gear, knives and utility tools, pliers and wrenches, shovels, and storage items like backpacks and containers. For more intense emergency rescue situations we offer bolt cutters, hammers, saws, axes, ropes and cords, electricity generators, emergency fire tools and many more.

We offer these high quality emergency rescue tools to help you escape from a disaster and to assist you when you need to make a safe escape route for yourself and others. These tools can help you and your loved ones survive the disaster with minimal requirement of additional help. Explore our online catalog where you will find many useful emergency rescue tools to choose from!

Fire & Evacuation
Emergency Rescue Tools
Fire & Evacuation

Emergency Rescue Tools

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Featured Items!

Deluxe Hygiene Kit

Deluxe Hygiene Kit
Rest assured that you'll stay clean with this quick grab-n-go hygiene kit.
Price: $27.50
Sale Price: $24.99

Winter Road Warrior Ten Below Kit (Deluxe Version)

Winter Road Warrior  Ten Below Kit (Deluxe Version)
Our MOST comprehensive winter driving car safety kit. Essential cold weather emergency gear designed to work in freezing temperatures.
Price: $137.28
Sale Price: $125.99

iPrepare Elite Emergency Kit

iPrepare Elite Emergency Kit
This is the most comprehensive kit available! Able to sustain 1 to 4 people, depending on your needs and the number of days. Includes Heather Meals, Food Bars, Walkie-Talkies and much more!
Price: $349.95
Sale Price: $324.99

Deluxe Kit-2 Person

Deluxe Kit-2 Person
One of our best-selling emergency kits!

Survivor Kit-4 Person

Survivor Kit-4 Person
A comprehensive kit designed to support 4 people, this kit is one of our best-selling emergency packs.

Emergency Fire & Rescue Tools

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