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2 Person Basic Quake Pack
2 Person Basic Quake Pack

2 Person Basic Quake Pack

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Get prepared quickly without over-thinking things. This pack will give you the critical items you will need in the event of an earthquake.
Part Number: 111865
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Buildings crumble, families are separated, and help can seem like it will never come. Earthquakes create:

  • Unpredictability: Earthquakes can happen any time and day of the year. Earthquakes don’t care if your family is together, or if your child is at school. They may be relatively short, but the damage caused is devastating.
  • A Delay in Emergency Response Time: Depending on the magnitude of the disaster, it can take a while for relief agencies to help. After the disaster occurs, emergency response lines tend to be busy, and that is why it is important to have a plan in case these resources are unavailable to you.
  • Chaos: Earthquakes tend to cause secondary disasters like floods, fires, and falling debris. During this time injuries are common.

Our Earthquake Kits were designed with situations like these in mind. Your safety is our number one priority.

  • Protection Tools: After an earthquake strikes, things like fires, flooding, and property/road damage are likely. You might be trying to get to an emergency shelter, or inspecting/fixing your home. These earthquake kits were designed with situations like this in mind.
  • Food & Water: During an emergency water is vital and access may be very limited, skip the trouble of boiling water or wasting any of your precious supply to reconstitute freeze dried meals. The USA made SOS brand food rations and water included in this kit are US Coast Guard approved, has a 5-year shelf life, space-efficient, supply 1200 calories per person per day, require no extra water to rehydrate or reheating, and were developed with a low sodium content as to not induce unnecessary thirst.
  • Emergency Guidebooks: We know survival is more than just tools and supplies, so we also include our Emergency Preparedness Guidebook that will supply the knowledge and confidence you need as well. In it you will find crucial survival information from how to create an emergency plan, to administering life-saving first aid. In addition, we include a link to download our Earthquake Guidebook, which delves deeper into what you need to know about preparing for and surviving earthquakes.
  • Quality: These earthquake kits have trusted products that you can rely on. If for whatever reason whatsoever you are unsatisfied with any of the items, we will make it right by you.



  • 1x Red Backpack
  • 1x Red Duffel Bag
  • 1x Weatherproof Poly Bag

Food & Water

  • 1x 3600 Calories SOS Food Ration Bar
  • 12x SOS 4.2oz Water Pouches


    • 1x Rubber Flashlight with D Batteries
    • 2x Motion Sensor LED Head Lamp with AAA Batteries

    Earthquake Evacuation Gear

    • 1x 15 Inch Pry Bar
    • 2x Emergency Blanket
    • 2x Hard Hats
    • 2x Signal Whistles
    • 2x Work Gloves
    • 2x Safety Googles
    • 2x Folded N95 Mask
    • 1x PDF Earthquake Guidebook
    • 1x Emergency Preparedness Guidebook
    • 1x Pencil

    • SKU: 865
    • UPC:850253006904
    • Weight: 13 lbs
    • Dimensions: 18"x12"x10"

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