Thank you for visiting iPrepare.com! For over 17 years we have been serving the world, and providing the necessary items needed in case of emergencies or disasters. We are a family owned business that began in 1998. We are located in the Sacramento, California region, and our reputation has helped us achieve worldwide recognition as a trusted source for emergency preparedness products. We believe strongly in the motto, "Be Prepared." In fact, our company has strong roots with the Boy Scouts of America, as several of our workers (and our owner!) are Eagle Scouts. Through proper education and preparation, we know that you can achieve peace of mind and security for yourself or your organization by implementing a preparedness plan. Our clients include the United States Government (CIA, FBI and others), Universities (Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, University of San Francisco - to name a few!), Businesses and Corporations, Families and Individuals. Let us help you!  

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