How are you going to communicate with your family in a disaster? Will phone lines or mobile phones work? What other options are there? How can we quickly and efficiently contact our family members? Do you know the addresses, phone numbers and e-mails of your family members including home, work and school? Is that information just in your mobile phones or do you have paper copies? These are questions we need to consider and remedy before we are faced with an emergency situation. Keep copies of your lists in all 72 Hour Kits and all other emergency supply locations.

Organize a Family Calling Tree where each person is responsible to call one person in the family. If one person is unable to contact their assigned person, they call the next person on the list. The last person on the list calls the first and reports any important information gathered in the tree. Practice this every few months and work out any problems.

Have a “secret code word” between you and your child to share with a trusted person only when they are asked to pickup your child from school. Impress on your child the importance of keeping it a secret, not to be shared even with their friends.

If we are stranded in the wilderness or trapped in a disaster area, how can we help rescuers find us? Learn how to give signals in an emergency situation.

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